[Update] Download Free Among The Sleep Public Alpha On May 14th

among the sleep (5)

As a final push to meet their Kickstarter goal, Krillbite Studio has announced that a free playable alpha build of their toddler survival horror title, Among the Sleep, will be available for anyone to download starting on May 14th at 2pm ET.

First announced back in May 2012, Among the Sleep has players take on the role of a two-year-old child who is tormented by horrifying creatures, mysterious things, and his own imagination after being tucked into bed one night. Krillbite states that the game’s first-person perspective gives players the feeling of being a small helpless child trapped in a large and extremely scary environment, that is set “in the borderland between dream and reality.” Judging from what we have seen of the game, those claims are well-founding.

In total, Krillbite Studio is asking for $200K from their Kickstarter campaign to fund the remaining development costs associated with testing Among the Sleep and to put the final touches on the horror title. With four days left to go, the project has already attracted almost 6,000 backers, who have pledged approximately $181K. The minimum $200K goal to fund Among the Sleep seems to be within reach, but it appears that it could come down to the wire. Here’s hoping that the release of the alpha demo tomorrow will help push the crowdfunding effort over the goal line.

As an added incentive to over-fund Among the Sleep, the studio has also announced that the game will support the Oculus Rift and they will be able to “properly” implement the virtual reality device with a $225K stretch goal. Check out the studio’s pitch for the Oculus Rift stretch goal and the original Kickstarter pitch in the videos embedded below for more details.

The playable alpha demo for Among the Sleep will be available as a free download tomorrow through Krillbite’s Kickstarter page. We will keep an eye on the crowdfunding effort and let you know if the studio hits their goal.

[Update] The Kickstarter campaign for Among the Sleep has ended with Krillbite achieving their goal, along with three of their stretch goals.

Source: Polygon