Krillbite Studio Launches Among The Sleep Kickstarter

among the sleep concept art

Krillbrite Studio officially launched the Kickstarter for their toddler-based survival horror title, Among the Sleep, today in an effort to raise enough cash to meet the game’s projected fourth quarter 2013 release window on PC, Mac, and Linux.

For those unfamiliar with Among the Sleep‘s premise, the title puts players in the unique role of a two-year-old child who is tormented by “horrifying creatures”, “mysterious things”, and his own “limitless imagination” after being put to bed one evening. A first-person perspective is used to give players the feeling of being a small helpless child trapped in a large (and extremely scary) environment that is set “in the borderland between dream and reality”.

In total, the studio is looking to acquire $200,000 to fully fund the remaining development costs associated with testing and to add “a ton of polish” — Among the Sleep‘s core gameplay and level development has already been completed. With so much of the game already playable, the indie studio explains that their major obstacle towards completing it is time.

“The only obstacle we see going forward, is that everyone at Krillbite still work part time jobs on the side to survive while developing Among The Sleep. This inhibits our focus and productivity on the game, and we don’t want to lower our expectations to the quality of the finished game, or delay the release. We hope this Kickstarter will help us deliver the best possible experience we can, within a reasonable timeframe. Another reason to use Kickstarter is our wish to stay independent, and free from the creative boundaries of a publisher.”

Among the Sleep is an extremely unique concept, that looks to have the potential to inject some exciting ideas into the increasingly dull horror genre. I’ve followed development on the title since it was announced back in May 2012, and have always been impressed with what Krillbite has in mind. Here’s hoping they can pull off their Kickstarter goal within the next 29 days.

Check out Krillbite’s Among the Sleep Kickstarter pitch in the embedded video below to meet the team and (more importantly) catch a glimpse of some new gameplay footage.

Source: Kickstarter

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