Dr. Disrespect Has Quit Apex Legends For Good

Apex Legends

Twitch streamer and well-known internet personality Dr. Disrespect appears to have fallen out of love with Apex Legends.

Speaking to fans following his latest gameplay session in Respawn’s popular battle royale, the good doctor went off on a tangent, claiming he now has “zero interest” in playing the game. The catalyst for such a decision, it seems, comes down to the content creator’s belief that having already learned how “every single fight” is going to turn out before it even happens, there no longer exists the element of surprise or the initial learning period where everything feels fresh.

A firm stance, then, though as fans of the streamer will likely know all too well, this wouldn’t be the first time Dr. Disrespect has publicly walked away from a popular title (both Fortnite and Overwatch have drawn his ire previously), only to return sometime later. As usual, it’s a matter of separating the often hyperbolic thoughts and opinions of a character from the real person underneath the wig and tinted sunglasses to truly know their plans going forward.

Having previously worked for Call of Duty developer Sledgehammer Games, Dr. Disrespect (real name Herschel Beahm IV) contributed to the creation of several multiplayer maps in the series, ultimately deciding to part ways with the studio back in 2015 to focus on his current career as a streamer. Boasting more than seven million followers on Twitch, and a huge amount of influence as a result, Dr. Disrespect distancing himself from Respawn’s competitive shooter for good could well cause a dent in the game’s popularity.

Apex Legends is currently in its fourth season, with new event System Override available now until next week, March 17th. See here for all the details.