Get Your First Look At Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Single-Player DLC


BioWare may not be ready to formally unveil the maiden single-player expansion for Dragon Age: Inquisition just yet, but that hasn’t prevented Internet sleuths from getting their eager hands on a collection of screenshots from the upcoming batch of DLC ahead of time.

That’s not all of the information that has surfaced, either, as Xbox Achievements has unearthed four of the add-on’s achievements and their respective descriptions. We’ve included said trophies in this post, but be warned that the messages attached to each do delve into spoiler territory for those of you who are yet to finish Inquisition‘s main campaign.

According to the outlet, of the four achievements included, two will grant the user with 30G, while the other two will delegate 15G and the much more challenging 90G, respectively.

Firestarter (15G). Found in the Old Temple, a new location wherein players must destroy all Winter Shards and lighting all fires in a new location.

Legend-Marked (30G). Players are required to impress the Avvar tribe of Stone-Bear Hold and gain their friendship. Those who have played through Inquisition will no doubt recognise this pack.

Historian (30G). Awarded to those who uncover a “legendary figure,” presumably some Elven hero.

Winter’s End (90G). To do this, players will “dispel an ancient myth” with all signs pointing to a new encounter with a dragon.

Now that Dragon Age: Inquisition has been on the market for close to five months, BioWare is surely nearing the finish line for this slice of single-player DLC. Nevertheless, we’ll update you with more information as it emerges. But in the meantime, you can get a glimpse of what’s in store through the gallery below.