Drift Into This Forza Horizon Media Drop

Turn 10 Studios has continued its Forza Horizon developer diary series with two new entries. The first, which is all about the in-game world, talks about some of the team’s favourite locations and their real-life inspirations. Conversely, the second one is all about the cars, discussing the feeling they want players to have when they take the digital wheel. Since the game allows for some amazing mechanical maneuvers, those are also shown, making the game’s October 23rd release date harder to wait for.

In addition to the two behind-the-scenes offerings mentioned above, we also have the game’s launch trailer for your viewing pleasure.

From the looks of things, the end of October will bring with it a racing fanatic’s dream. Forza Horizon looks absolutely amazing, and Criterion’s Need For Speed: Most Wanted also looks great.

Developer Diary #2: The Open World

Developer Diary #3: The Cars

Launch Trailer: