Dying Light Delivers A Great Story Trailer


The zombie apocalypse surrounds you, and the only way to stay safe is to be smart. If you wish to survive, you’ll want to limit your excursions to daylight hours whenever possible, and use the rooftops at night when the undead are at their peak. Such is the existence of the main protagonist in Techland’s Dying Light.

What we have for you here is a brand new trailer for the zombie and parkour-filled survival title, which introduces its ever-important storyline. It’s what propels the action, makes you want to push forward, and gives reason for both your actions and your choices. Good thing it looks like Dying Light‘s tale will be an intriguing one, if this great trailer is any indication.

From the sounds of things, we’ll play as a guy named Crane, who’s either some sort of parkour wiz or just happens to be friends with a group of enthusiasts and instructors. I can’t exactly tell, but I do know that the urban sport plays a large role in the game’s traversal mechanics, as I’ve not only kept a close eye on it but also had the chance to give it a whirl at last summer’s E3 expo.

Crane looks to be some sort of a hero of the downtrodden, who’s aligned with a group of surviving runners in a city gone haywire. A lot of tough choices will result from that decision, it seems, as the protagonist’s conscience is toyed with by a sadistic evildoer.

We’ll find out more on January 27th, which is the very day on which Dying Light is scheduled to hit store shelves.