EA Says It’s Making More Star Wars Games Despite Losing Exclusive Rights

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

EA’s exclusive rights to all things Star Wars in the realm of video games has – or soon will – come to an end.

The publisher, having struck a deal with Disney back in 2013 shortly after the latter acquired Lucasfilm, has maintained sole ownership of the franchise in its medium for almost a decade, yielding what can only be described as mixed results. Star Wars Battlefront and its hugely controversial sequel did little to prove the House of Mouse had made a wise choice back in the mid-2010s, though fortunes have changed in recent years thanks to a streak of impressive releases, including the excellent Jedi: Fallen Order and Motive’s Squadrons.

Despite those successes, though, it appears as if Disney has chosen not to renew its lucrative contract with EA, which is believed to end in 2023. In its stead, Lucasfilm Games will be partnering with multiple industry-leading studios to deliver a wider variety of experiences, with Ubisoft’s open world adventure set in a galaxy far, far away likely just one of many projects currently in the works.

With that said, Electronic Arts isn’t waving farewell just yet, as it confirmed over on Twitter yesterday that more Star Wars content is in the works, as you can see below:

At the very least, Respawn Entertainment is known to be working on a sequel to Fallen Order, with Motive believed to be developing something of its own, too. The question that remains, though, is whether these both collectively represent a last hurrah, of sorts, for Star Wars under EA, or whether it will continue to deliver more post-exclusivity. Watch this space for further developments and feel free to leave your own thoughts on the matter down below.