Ubisoft Announces New Open World Star Wars Video Game

star wars republic commando

If Bethesda’s announcement earlier this week of a video game based on Indiana Jones wasn’t enough to leave your jaw on the floor, this ought to do it.

Over on Twitter, Ubisoft confirmed that it, too, is partnering with the newly-established Lucasfilm Games to release its own Star Wars adventure in what has since become headline-grabbing news and not just because of the globally recognizable brand attached. The French publisher’s surprise reveal indirectly confirms suspicions first raised on Tuesday with Lucasfilm’s original blog post that EA’s monopoly over anything set in a galaxy far, far away since striking a deal with Disney back in 2013 has seemingly reached its end or, more precisely, will have by the time that Ubisoft’s project is in a state fit for launch.

Further details on what’s being planned still remain unclear, but for now, you can check out the first teaser for an as-yet-unnamed Star Wars title coming sometime in the (hopefully) not too distant future below.

With regard to the subsidiary in charge of this brave venture, Massive Entertainment has been given those honors. If you’re not familiar with the name, it belongs to the very same studio responsible for Tom Clancy’s The Division and its sequel, both of which are semi-open world, allowing players to explore what remains of the post-apocalyptic US following a catastrophic global pandemic.

As is the case with Indiana Jones’ upcoming digital adventure, we’ll likely be waiting some time until anything even remotely resembling gameplay is shown to the public, though feel free to let us know what you’re hoping to see from a modern Star Wars experience not overseen by EA in the usual place below!