EA Sports Is Planning To Reveal NHL 15 Tomorrow


Those of us who’ve been chomping at the bit for information pertaining to NHL 15 — the series’ expected ‘next-gen’ debut — won’t have to wait much longer. Thanks to a brief tweet containing an image bearing the number fifteen, tomorrow’s date and the question, “Are you ready?” we now know when EA plans to unveil its latest ice-based creation.

As someone who began playing hockey games with Blades of Steel on his cousins’ NES, and made his first purchase of one with NHLPA 93 for Super Nintendo, I’m incredibly excited for this reveal. Like many others, I’ve been anxiously waiting to see how the series will look and play on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, since EA decided to forego porting NHL 14 to the new consoles.

I’m not sure of what to expect from NHL 15, though, other than increased realism. And, to be honest, I’d still be happy with just that. Still, here’s hoping that the developer has something major up its sleeve, which will go hand-in-hand with its amazing Skill Stick and True Performance Skating mechanics, both of which came to the forefront during the last console generation.

Stay tuned for more information as it develops.