EA Sports Reveals New FIFA Street Game And Its Teaser Trailer

Arcade soccer is set to hit the streets again, as Electronic Arts announced its all new FIFA Street game. During their press conference at Gamescom, it was announced that EA Canada are at the reigns of this in-development footy project, which will be out early next year.

The game is being built by the EA Sports Football Group, which did a lot of location research by visiting various real-life areas that will be represented in the game. There will be thirty-five different worldly environments, including pitches in the United Kingdom, Rio and New York among others. The team also requested assistance from professional street soccer players for the game’s motion capture animations, which means they should be quite realistic.

Fans of the series know that the games always tend to include their own specialized trick moves and dribble styles. This entry will feature twice as many moves as FIFA 12, with skill moves making up a big portion of that list. The addition of five on five and six on six game modes will make it the “deepest Street ever.”

FIFA Street will support EA Sports Football Club members. It will also allow EA Season Ticket holders to receive early access to the full game before it’s released.

Here’s an artistic reveal trailer for the game, which shows off some cool moves and some stylistic artwork. It looks like quite a bit of fun doesn’t it?