‘Elden Ring’ player hits a wall some 50 times and finds a secret entrance

Elden Ring
Photo via Elden Ring/From Software

The Soulsborne series is known for hiding secret chambers or dungeons that players can access by performing certain tasks in the game map. It’s almost a tradition among Souls players, in fact, to hit every wall with their weapons in the hope of finding a secret entrance.

Developer FromSoftware has obviously carried that tradition to Elden Ring by allowing gamers to bypass illusory walls, but apparently, there are some areas that you can only access by, well, sheer force of persistence.

I mean, who in their right mind would think that hitting a certain wall approximately fifty times could open a hidden pathway for you? Apparently, one Elden Ring player decided to give this insane idea a try, and the result has left everyone baffled. Check it out for yourself below.

Elden Ring players running around different walls through the game’s expansive map and continually hitting them like maniacs is almost guaranteed to become an epidemic now. We’re just glad that Iron Pineapple decided to encode the above video in super-fast mode.

We’ve grown to expect some well-hidden surprises and other Easter eggs of the sort in Hidetaka Miyazaki games over the years, but this is just perplexing, even by the game director’s mystifying standards. Who knows how many secret places like this have been put into the open-world game, just for us to unearth in the months and years to come? And who could possibly imagine what adventures lie therein?

Image via FromSoftware / Elden Ring

For now, I think it’s quite safe to say that FromSoftware is deserving of all the praise they have received over Elden Ring so far, with many justifiably dubbing it one of the greatest video games ever made, even despite the fact that it’s only been out three weeks.