Electronic Arts: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Sales Meeting Expectations

Even the most ardent Mirror’s Edge fan had all but given up hope of receiving a fully-fledged sequel to DICE’s 2008 cult platformer, but low and behold, almost a decade on since Faith first took flight, Electronic Arts fired up work on Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

It finally made a beeline for current-gen systems and PC back in June, where it was met with good-to-mixed reviews. However that may be, Catalyst appears to be meeting EA’s internal sales expectations. At least, that’s according to the publisher’s Global Publishing Head Laura Miele, who revealed to GamesIndustry.biz that Electronic Arts is proud to have delivered Mirror’s Edge Catalyst to wanting fans.

Speaking in an interview about EA Originals, the company’s new initiative designed to foster creativity and smaller indie titles, here’s what Miele had to share on the matter: “We are pretty happy to bring this character and this world to market. It’s a big open world game, so we made a lot of evolution from the original experience and we’re very proud of that.”

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst launched last month to relatively mixed reviews. Whether Faith has a future in video games is up for question, but fans can at least take solace in DICE’s decision to partner with Endemol Shine Studios to craft a live-action TV series.