Elon Musk Has Designed His Own Magic: The Gathering Card And It’s Adorable

Magic: the Gathering

Elon Musk is apparently an avid fan of Magic: The Gathering.

The outspoken CEO of Tesla and founder of SpaceX recently took some time out from talking about cars and rockets to show a bit of appreciation for one of his pet dogs. Named Marvin the Martian after Warner Bros.’ Looney Tunes character of the same name, Musk professed his love for Etsy after managing to find a miniature helmet worn by the latter for his pooch. As is usually the case whenever the entrepreneur shares his thoughts on social media, the comment caused share prices for the handicraft website to rise by almost 9%, though that’s certainly far from the most surprising outcome.

Responding to his own tribute post, Musk shared a mock-up MTG card featuring Marvin, dubbed “Wizard’s Familiar.” You can check out the blue three-cost creature spell, which even features flavor text apparently quoting Charles Baudelaire, below.

While it might look convincing enough to be real, you won’t find Wizard’s Familiar in any Magic: The Gathering packs – this Legendary Creature is purely fan-made content. It just so happens, of course, to be one designed by a world famous individual, and we wouldn’t at all be taken aback if Wizards of the Coast were to make a reference to Marvin in the future. It’s worth noting, after all, that the company is a big fan of crossover products (The Walking Dead is the most high profile in recent memory) and we imagine a collaboration with Musk would be one hell of a profile boost.

In related news, Magic: The Gathering‘s first Standard expansion of 2021, Kaldheim, is now available in Arena and Online, with tabletop due to follow next week, February 5th. Check out some of the cards contained within over here.