You Can Enter The Forza Horizon Rally Championship Next Week

Despite the fact that many of us are counting the days until Christmas holidays begin, video game publishers are still planning last minute holiday DLC releases. It’s a neat tactic, given that gamers will be searching for things to play before Santa Claus brings them a new disc to enjoy, and we may see a lot more of it if things work out for the companies in question.

Yesterday, we told you about the upcoming downloadable add-ons for both RAGE and Sleeping Dogs. Now, it’s time to remind the racing fans amongst us that Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios will be expanding their high-speed gem, Forza Horizon, with a new rally pack.

Expected to release on December 18, the very same day as the two other expansions, Forza Horizon‘s Rally Expansion Pack will bring with it new cars, races, multiplayer events, co-driver messages and achievements. As its title suggests, those aforementioned events will take place on the roads less travelled, and will task players with kicking up as much drift dirt as possible. After all, getting in and out of corners faster than your competitors is the key to winning in those types of events. If you don’t believe me, try putting my theory to the test with this 1600 Microsoft Point download.

Please note, that this new content will be ‘free’ to those who’ve already purchased the game’s Season Pass. In addition, those folks will also receive a vehicular gift in the form of a 2003 Ford Focus.

Trailer source: IGN

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