PSN Will Receive New RAGE & Sleeping Dogs DLC Next Week

Thanks to the PlayStation Blogcast, we now know that PSN will be updated with downloadable content for both RAGE and Sleeping Dogs on December 18, giving fans of the critically-acclaimed games something new to play over the holidays.

Several months ago, rumours regarding an expansion to id Software’s RAGE made their way around the Internet. Now, it seems like the sleuths who started it all were correct, as the 2011 juggernaut is expected to expand with the release of The Scorchers, a new story arc of some sort. At least, that’s what we think this reveal pertains to, considering the fact that the aforementioned add-on’s trophies were recently outed. Most of them pertained to what I believe will be a new campaign, although one referenced an Ultra Nightmare difficulty mode that will test gamers’ skills within the visceral first-person shooter’s core campaign.

Now, it’s time to talk about the new Sleeping Dogs DLC. According to Square Enix, the download file will bring with it a brand new island location for players to explore, which makes me think that we’re in for a sizeable expansion this time around. Going further, it’s also been revealed that the pack will incorporate new outfits and combat maneuvers into the open-world experience. Let’s just hope that this one will be worth playing, unlike Nightmare at Northpoint. What a disappointment that was.

It’s also worth noting that the very same PlayStation Blogcast’s news train didn’t come to a halt after the above-mentioned add-ons were confirmed. Its members also stated that Karateka, and PS3 full download versions of both Batman: Arkham Asylum and LEGO: Lord of the Rings will also hit PSN on the 18th.