Enter Your Mew-Genics Cat In The Boon County Cat Pageant

The latest “Caturday” teaser for Team Meat’s Mew-Genics reveals that the game involves more than just equipping your cat with magical Petrified Poop, it also allows you to enter your “rare” feline in the annual Boon County Cat Pageant.

Exactly what goes on at the pageant is still a bit of a mystery, however, the teaser seems to indicate that at least some part of Mew-Genics consists of raising genetically altered cats and then having them compete against each other for prizes.

Team Meat’s exact tease reads:

“Are you ready to win your 1st kitty tiara? Do you think you have what it takes to take home the boon county crown? how rare is your cat? does she have forked tail? how about a horn? *does she randomly take dumps all over the place? if so its probably time to enter Mr. Tinkles annual Boon county cat pageant!”

“(*points will be deducted for cats that crap on the stage)”

As vague as that description is, it’s also the closest that the developer has come to revealing any specific aspect of Mew-Genics‘ gameplay. While nothing about the title is perfectly clear, it does seem like we are finally starting to get some idea of what we will be doing in the game.

Aside from today’s Cat Pageant teaser, the developer also revealed that the cat-based project will launch on iOS devices (an iPad with title screen was pictured in the blog post). The same post mentioned that it is not exclusive to Apple devices and that the title will be released on “multiple platforms”. Unfortunately, Team Meat did not state any of the other platforms that Mew-Genics will be released on and they also neglected to provide a potential release window for the strange game.

Hopefully the answers to those questions (and more details) will come with next week’s “Caturday” teaser.

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