Latest Mew-Genics Update Reveals Magic Trinkets, As Confusing As Ever

Team Meat’s weekly “Caturday” Mew-Genics update revealed the first official gameplay details about the mysterious title, however, it purposefully failed to answer any questions or shed light on exactly what the game is all about.

As you play through Mew-Genics “Trinkets” will appear in the form of “food, poop, barf, kittens, mail… etc.”. Far from being simply “stuff” in the game, these Trinkets contain magic properties that can “change space and time”. In total there are only 105 different Trinkets, however, the magical properties for each one are “semi randomly generated”. This means that even if you and your friend get the same exact Trinket there is a good chance that their powers don’t match.

The developer didn’t provide too many examples of what the magical properties are, however, the “Petrified Poop” in the screenshot has two abilities; “Slightly lowers damage taken”, and “Lowers poop rate of all cats”. It should also be noted that there appears to be a blank third magical property — Lord only knows what that might be.

Naturally, you can’t just run around with 105 Trinkets in your pockets (especially if any of them are of the barf or poop flavor), so Mew-Genics has you keep them in a “Trinket Display Case”. These cases can only hold 15 Trinkets — plus one more in the “active” slot — but if you ever need more you can pick one up from some guy named Tink.

If none of that really makes any sense, you can take comfort in the fact that it wasn’t intended to make sense due to the lack of any context.

We are still waiting for Team Meat to finally reveal when Mew-Genics will launch, what platforms it is being developed for, and basically what exactly the game is about. As soon as we get any of those answers we will be sure to let you  know.

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