ESRB Rating Outs New Forza Horizon 2 Details


Although Forza Horizon 2 won’t be released for close to two more months, the Xbox One version of the scenic racing game has already been rated by the ESRB. And, thanks to that, we have some new details to share with you.

To start, Playground Games’ latest effort is said to include girls in skimpy outfits, as well as suggestive dialogue. That makes sense, though, given how women are portrayed in car culture.

Here’s proof:

“Opening cutscenes contain brief images of women wearing revealing outfits (e.g., bikini tops, short-shorts), including depictions close-up or with panned camera angles.

“In-game dialogue is sometimes suggestive: ‘Oh, girls, girls, girls. Behave yourselves now – come on!’ ‘[I’m] hearing some scandalous stories . . . Come on, send me photos.'”

Going further, this official rating has also revealed interesting information relating to Forza Horizon 2‘s racing modes. It mentions Circuit, Point-to-Point and Street events, as well as car-tag opportunities.

“This is a racing simulation game in which players compete with real-world cars at the fictional Horizon Festival in Southern Europe,” the rating’s description field reads. “Players can race in various modes (e.g., Circuit, Point-to-Point, Street) to earn skill/experience points and unlock new customisable cars.”

“During the course of the game, car-tag modes depict car collisions and include text/voice-overs such as ‘If you wanna become the king, you need to hit that driver with your car,’ ‘Wreckage,’ and ‘You’re infected, crash into the survivors.'”

Although it’s expected that both versions of the game will have scantily clad women in them, it’s been said that Forza Horizon 2 will be different on both Xbox One and Xbox 360, due to each iteration having its own separate developer. As a result, we’re not sure if these same gameplay modes will make their way into the last-gen version.

Look for Forza Horizon 2 — which is easily one of my most-anticipated fall releases — on September 30. While you wait for it, check out our hands-on preview.