The Evil Within Shows Off “The World Within”

In The Evil Within, the only semblance of safety can be found in shadows, where enemies are unable to see you. Running and gunning will be your doom, and so will trying to be an aggressive badass within a world that does not take kindly to cockiness. You see, this game and its nightmares don’t play to traditional rule sets, nor do they remain in what we call reality. Instead, things occur in fractured states of reality, as experienced by an unlucky Crimson City detective.

Today’s new gameplay video says it’s about The Evil Within‘s world, but it doesn’t focus in on environments in the traditional sense. Instead, it’s another fully-encompassing look at the game’s enemies, traps, puzzles, combat and more. That is, in addition to some talk about its story, which has Sebastian Castellanos fighting for his life in a messed up place, while being stalked by a mystical bad guy.

The more I see from this game, the more I can’t wait to play it. At E3, I demoed it quickly and wasn’t sure of what to think. Then again, this is not the type of title that you can demo properly at such a big event. As such, I’m fully expecting to be proven wrong and hoping to be blown away when The Evil Within launches next week.