The Evil Within Will Make You Fight For Your Life


We’ve seen a lot of trailers for Mikami’s The Evil Within, and all signs point to a nightmarish experience. That said, what promises to be a return to greatness for the survival horror genre isn’t just there to scare you. No, it also wants to kill you. Not in boring fashion, either: This game wants to reveal your guts as often as it can.

If you’ve yet to see enough to justify a purchase and want to give the game another gander, or simply happen to be a glutton for gore, here’s another video to fit your needs. Entitled, “Fight For Your Life,” it’s exactly what it should be: A trailer that introduces creepy, cult-like enemies and monstrosities, then shows off its death-dealing mansion’s many traps, including spikes and bombs. Watch as things explode and poor Sebastian Castellanos goes ka-boom in gory ways.

The Evil Within will scare us shitless and leave us with nightmares starting on October 14. Stay tuned for our full review.

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