Exclusive Twitch Prime Skin For Apex Legends Season 6’s Rampart Revealed

Apex Legends

As is always the case whenever a new season rolls around for Apex Legends, the battle royale’s metagame is currently undergoing a monumental shift. With only 24 hours having passed since the update went live, players are still getting to grips with not only a huge amount of balance adjustments made to existing characters such as Bloodhound, Pathfinder and Crypto but also getting their bearings in a radically changed World’s Edge.

Throw in a new weapon, crafting, sweeping changes to armor and, of course, a new playable character in the form of Rampart and it goes without saying that there’s a long way to go yet until the dust settles. On the topic of Season 6’s newcomer, though, Respawn Entertainment has revealed a brand new alternate skin for the munitions expert that is scheduled to become available in just a matter of days.

Custom finish is the latest in a long line of exclusive Twitch Prime cosmetics that’ll be claimable on August 21st and you can get steal yourself a first look via the gallery below.

Not quite the wildly different appearance provided by some of Apex‘s Legendary skins, then, though for the low, low price of free if you’re already a Prime subscriber, you can’t really go wrong. If, however, this will be your first time claiming the loot, you’ll need to make sure the account and platform you play on are linked to Twitch, or else you could wind up with nothing.

Excluding Rampart’s new threads, just four more Twitch Prime rewards remain to be distributed for Apex Legends, though with nearly the majority of the game’s cast now having their own exclusive skin, it remains to be seen what these prizes will be. One could well be reserved for Season 7’s inevitable new character later in the year, while the rest could either be weapon skins or Gun Charms. As always, let us know what you’re hoping to see in the usual place below!