Don’t Expect For Rocksteady To Debut A Superman Game At SDCC


Having treated us to what were arguably some of the best superhero video games of all time in the form of the Batman: Arkham series (well, the three main entries, at least), it’s understandable that many fans remain chomping at the bit for the hallowed development team known as Rocksteady to tackle the Dark Knight yet again – or even some other prominent DC characters.

Speaking of which, rumors have been circulating for months now alleging that they’re working on something having to do with Superman. But each time we think an official announcement is imminent, the rug is pulled out from under us. Heck, even Krypton‘s Cameron Cuffe is losing his patience!

So, with E3 now being in our rearview mirror, attention turns toward San Diego Comic-Con, which is set to open its doors next week. Though it’s obviously not a gaming event per se, it’s not uncommon for bigger titles to have a presence of some sort – especially if they have something to do with superheroes.

Giving us a reality check though is Rocksteady’s own Jamie Walker, who had this to say on Twitter:

“We’d love to be there but won’t be ready to talk about our next game for a while yet. You’ll know when it’s time.”


There you have it: It’ll be some time before they’re ready to pull back the curtain on their current project, but they are working on something. I guess we can keep our fingers crossed while hoping for next year’s E3 to yield some results.

To this point, nobody has really found the right formula for a Superman game, as Big Blue has starred in some of the worst to have ever graced consoles in history. But if anyone can crack the code, it’s most assuredly the folks over at Rocksteady.