Possible Details For Rocksteady’s Superman Game Point To Brainiac And Arkham-Like Combat


As E3 2018 inches ever closer, it’s looking increasingly likely that Rocksteady Studios, developer of the celebrated Arkham series, is on the verge of announcing its long-rumored Superman game.

Just yesterday, for instance, the rumor mill spat out another speculative tidbit alleging that Rocksteady’s new IP is expected to adorn the cover of Game Informer later this month – but not before it’s paraded in front of the masses during Microsoft’s E3 presser.

Going one step further, YouTuber “Sciurus” (h/t Heroic Hollywood) claims that the title will build on the close-quarters combat system introduced in Arkham Asylum (no surprise there) and feature Brainiac as the main villain. Other DC characters – namely The Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Hawkman, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter – will then be introduced as DLC, though it’s unclear as yet if they’ll be playable like the Man of Steel, who may well be voiced by Tim Daly.

And perhaps most intriguing of all? This Superman game will supposedly lay the foundation for a full-blown Justice League crossover to be released in 2020.

Superman Rocksteady

This is all yet to be confirmed, of course, but “Sciurus” does mention that Brainiac won’t be the only villain of Rocksteady’s Superman game, as the studio seemingly has another baddie up its sleeve, though he/she won’t be revealed until a later date. But as far as E3 megatons go, a Rocksteady-backed Superman game that allows players to explore Metropolis and all of its many nooks and crannies may well go on to steal the show.

We’ll find out once Microsoft’s E3 presentation begins Sunday, June 10th, at 1 pm PT (4 PM ET / 9 PM BST), at which point we’ll be keeping one ear to the ground just in case Rocksteady’s long-rumored Superman game is in attendance.

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