Extreme Gamers Can Hit The SSX Slopes Early Via Planned Demo

Extreme sports fans are likely chomping at the bit in anticipation of hitting the slopes with the next entry in the SSX series. Its over-the-top arcade gameplay and realistic looking visuals look to be a phenomenal and entertaining mixture.

That large group of extreme virtual athletes (myself included), will be happy to know that a demo is planned for release before the full game hits the slopes early next year. It’ll certainly be nice to try out its new and adapted roster of boarders, extravagant tricks at dizzying heights and assortment of real-life locations early. Though, as can be expected, the selection of content will be limited within the trial slice.

SSX producer Sean Smillie was quoted as saying, “Yeah, there are plans. But I haven’t been told when that’s going to happen,” when asked about the potential for a pre-release demo by The Gaming Liberty.

SSX will begin its perilous descent in January, on the XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3.

Being a fan of the series since day one, I’m eagerly anticipating this new entry. It looks amazing. Needless to say, I’ll be logged onto my console waiting to download the demo day one. Hopefully it’ll bring the series back to the glory that was known as SSX Tricky, with some nice improvements and beautiful realistic visuals.

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