The Internet Reacts To Unexpected Marvel’s Avengers Delay


In what’s sure to be today’s biggest gaming headline, Marvel’s Avengers has suffered a substantial delay.

The ambitious action-adventure title, which lets players take control of the iconic superhero team both solo and with friends, will now miss its original May 15th launch, with developer Crystal Dynamics confirming a new release window. Devastating news for fans who were hoping to kick off their summer gaming sessions with a bang, then, though studio leads Scot Amos and Ron Rosenberg have promised to make the added development time worth every second in a statement to fans.

Speaking of which, social media is already ablaze with initial reactions and it’s a mixed bag, to say the least. Check them out below…

Geeky Tate kicks things off by exhibiting the first stage of grief.

Some believe the writing was on the wall the entire time.

Others are puzzled by the near-total lack of fanfare over the game since its announcement at last year’s E3.

The Last of Us: Part II fans are worried that Naughty Dog’s anticipated sequel will be next.

Ultimately, it appears as if most consider the four-month delay to be a blessing in disguise and will result in a superior, more polished experience come September. As for a central cause, Crystal has opted not to divulge that information, though some commentators believe the setback could primarily be a result of negative initial reception to various character designs. Black Widow and Captain America, in particular, have come under fire in the past for not looking the part, so perhaps we’ll be seeing new and improved versions of each in the fall? Only time will tell.

Marvel’s Avengers is due to release on September 4th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Stadia.