Far Harbor PS4 Update Imminent As Bethesda Submits Latest Fallout 4 Patch To Sony


It hasn’t been smooth sailing for those early adopters who picked up Far Harbor, the latest and indeed largest expansion for Fallout 4, on PlayStation 4.

Reports of performance issues came to the fore just as the add-on launched early last week, at a time when framerate problems and freezing become a regular occurrence on PS4. But a fix is on the way, now that Bethesda has submitted the latest Fallout 4 update to Sony for final approval, meaning said fix ought to become available over the coming days.


Breaking down the technical hiccups found in Far Harbor, Eurogamer and Digital Foundry revealed that, at its worst, the framerate dipped to 15 frames-per-second on Sony’s console – a far cry from Bethesda’s 30FPS norm.

“Fallout 4 usually targets 30fps on console, but a more aggressive use of a volumetric fog effect across Far Harbor’s island triggers PS4 to cap this refresh at 20fps – with dips to 15fps at its extremes.

“It’s a thick layer of alpha transparency effects causing the issue, making any real-time targeting hugely difficult, something we noticed during an early woodland mission with ally Old Longfellow. Xbox One suffers fluctuations up and down the scale and is far from ideal, but it’s certainly Sony’s machine that struggles most right now.”

Far Harbor is available now across all platforms. To get the skinny on Fallout 4‘s latest slice of DLC, have a gander at our review.