Fez Will Be Patched Again On Xbox 360

fez patch

Polytron founder Phil Fish announced yesterday that Fez will get a long-overdue patch on Xbox Live Arcade, correcting issues that resulted from the game’s June 2012 title update.

The original XBLA patch for Fez fixed a number of critical issues in the game — the most severe of which was infinite death loops — but it was soon discovered that the update also corrupted the save files of a small number of users. Initially, Microsoft pulled the problem patch from XBLA while Polytron worked to find the source of the error, however, it was later put back in place due to financial implications associated issuing another fix.

At the time, Phil Fish explained that less than 1% of users were affected by the patch, and Microsoft was demanding “tens of thousands” of dollars to re-certify another Fez patch. Polytron apologized for the situation, but noted that the cost associated with providing another patch was more than the small studio could bear.

Microsoft’s recent decision to stop charging a re-certification fee for patches seems to have worked in Fez‘s favor, as Fish announced yesterday on his Twitter account that a new patch would be coming in “a few months.”

We will keep an eye out for any official word on the exact date the new Fex patch will arrive on XBLA, and let you know as soon as the announcement is made.