Broken Fez Patch Pulled From Xbox Live

Last week a title update for Fez was released onto Xbox Live followed by a warning from the developer, Polytron, to not install the update because of a “widespread” problem where the save file was being seen as corrupted by the game after the update. Microsoft has now pulled the patch from Live, so that any new Fez players won’t be affected.

Polytron announced the pulling of the patch on their website saying:

Microsoft has pulled the patch out of LIVE for now, so at least the problem won’t affect new users. We’re trying to find out what happened and fix it as soon as possible. Like, in less than two months. YAY GAME DEVELOPMENT!”

If you have already updated to the patch and are having the game save issue Polytron recommends that you delete your system cache and that “should” resolve the problem. If that doesn’t happen to work, then you are out of luck for the time being because there is no other known workaround.

Source: Polytron