FIFA 15 Talks Rewritten Goalie A.I.


During their digital offseason, the world’s elite goalkeepers underwent an incredible transformation. At least, that’s what EA Sports’ latest FIFA 15 trailer promises.

Focusing on those who tend the nets, this behind-the-scenes look is all about anticipation and reflexes. It features a somewhat interesting interview with Tim Howard of the last U.S. Men’s World Cup team, and mixes that footage in with a glimpse at the game’s motion capturing studio. Well, that and gameplay, which is to be expected.

Being that the focus is fully on the goalies, all of the included gameplay is used strategically in an effort to highlight changes that have been made to the keepers’ rewritten A.I. As a result, you’ll see goalies anticipate the ball, make split second desperation saves and sacrifice their bodies to prevent opponents from coming into the box. It’s all pretty impressive.

FIFA 15 will take to the digitized pitch on September 23.