Final Fantasy Director Hajime Tabata Wants To Try His Hand At A Zelda Game


Now that Square Enix has sworn blind that Final Fantasy XV is arriving at some point in 2016, the developer has all hands at the pump to shepherd its much-anticipated JRPG sequel to release. Spearheading that effort is Game Director Hajime Tabata, who has been attached to the project throughout its prolonged development.

But in an ideal scenario, which game franchise would Tabata want a crack at in the future? That’s the question presented to the esteemed developer by Japanese outlet Dengeki PlayStation (via Nintendo Life), and the answer may surprise you. Jumping from one reputable Japanese video game franchise to another, the director’s answer was actually Nintendo’s long-running The Legend of Zelda series.

Part and parcel of that comes down to Tabata wanting to mould a Zelda title using the technology powering Final Fantasy XV – powered by Square’s in-house Luminous engine – with the director revealing that “I’m not quite sure why myself, but a Zelda game made with the technology and know-how of Final Fantasy XV is the game I wish to create as of this moment.”

This is, of course, merely a fleeting statement from the game director, and should in no way be treated as confirmation that Tabata will be drafted into Nintendo’s corridors of powers to helm the next entry in The Legend of Zelda, but it’s still interesting to think about nonetheless.

TriForce Heroes acts as the latest installment in the Big N’s reputable series, which is due to launch this week. As for Final Fantasy XV, Square has assured us it’s on course to release before 2017.