Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto And Regalia Type-D DLC Arrive June 27


Square Enix opted not to hold a dedicated conference at this year’s E3, but that certainly shouldn’t be considered a sign that it has nothing worthwhile to show. In fact, the famed Japanese developer’s line-up at this year’s event is arguably more mouth-watering than ever, with the likes of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, Life Is Strange: Before The Storm and, of course, Final Fantasy XV on show.

Okay, so that last one has already been available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for several months now, but Square still has plenty lined up for fans of Noctis and his band of merry adventurers. Indeed, we’ve known for a good while that there are several meaty chunks of additional content on the way for the latest and greatest in gaming’s most revered JRPG series, the first of which arrived back in March in the form of Episode Gladiolus.

While a tad on the short side, the general consensus was that Gladiolus’ solo outing was a welcome addition to XV‘s core experience, so we’re hoping for great things to come with its follow-up, Episode Prompto. The second of three story chapters has been confirmed to arrive on both aforementioned platforms later this month, June 27, alongside another long-awaited slice of content. The Regalia Type-D, an off-road version of Noctis’ royal ride, arrives on the same day, finally allowing players to travel off the beaten path while behind the wheel. Catch your first glimpse of the upcoming content in the new trailer above.

As for the future and beyond, one more story chapter, Episode Ignis, is scheduled to arrive for Final Fantasy XV before the end of 2017, with an update introducing online multiplayer to follow that at an as yet unspecified date. Expect more details for the latter to surface later this year.

Source: Gematsu

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