Final Fantasy XV’s First Free DLC Pack Drops Next Week Alongside New Game Plus Mode

Final Fantasy XV‘s first free slice of DLC – the Holiday Pack – arrives on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next week, December 22, Square Enix has announced. The new content will arrive alongside a title update that makes the previously outlined New Game Plus mode available for all players at no extra cost which, the publisher says (via VideoGamer), will allow “those who have completed the game’s main line story to start a new game with all previous gameplay data intact.” As for the contents of the Holiday Pack, it will be split into two different versions, one that’s free for all players and the other, Holiday Pack+, which is for Season Pass holders only.

The full list of items included in both packs is as follows:

Holiday Pack

  • Level Stopper – An item that prevents the accumulation of experience points
  • Annihilation Victory Song
  • Mog Choco T-shirt (Noctis Exclusive) – Available in January
  • Limited Time Carnival Ticket

Holiday Pack+

  • Protection Ring
  • Command Booster (Noctis Exclusive)
  • Phantom Booster (Noctis Exclusive)
  • Instant Kill Victory Song
  • Battle Skill Victory Song
  • Key of Fortune
  • Stamina Anchor (Noctis Exclusive)
  • Carnival Style (Noctis Exclusive) – Available in January
  • Photo Frame (Holiday Pack Exclusive) – Available in January
  • Limited Time Carnival Ticket+

The Holiday Pack is just the start of Square Enix’s post-launch plans for Final Fantasy XV. In addition to a future DLC that will implement online multiplayer for the RPG, multiple story expansions are in the works for each of Noctis’ companions. It was revealed earlier this week that one of them – Gladio – will feature the return of classic series villain Gilgamesh. While those will be included as part of the season pass, free updates will continue too, with director Hajime Tabata detailing the likes of new bosses and changes to the current story in a statement following the game’s launch.