Final Fantasy XV’s First Story DLC Will See The Return Of Classic Series Villain Gilgamesh

Final Fantasy XV‘s first slice of story DLC will feature the return of classic series villain Gilgamesh, the self-proclaimed master swordsman who travels the world in search of rare and powerful weapons. As per VG247‘s report, the news comes by way of a special edition commemorative book sent out to YouTubers that contains information regarding the RPG’s upcoming post-launch content. In it, producer Haruyoshi Sawatari said: “The player confronts an enemy called Gilgamesh, who can only be seen in Episode Gladio,” adding that “in Episode Gladio, you’re able to go into areas that cannot be entered in the main game.”

First appearing in Final Fantasy V, Gilgamesh has featured in more series entries than any other character to date, having since transitioned from fully fledged villain status to comedic side character, as seen in Final Fantasy XIV. As outlined previously by Square Enix, three pieces of story DLC are planned for Final Fantasy XV, each one focusing on one of main character Noctis’ companions. With that being the case, it appears as if Gladiolus will be the first to have his own standalone story, with Ignis and Prompto presumably following shortly thereafter.

Despite being the fastest-selling entry in the series to date and receiving a positive critical reception, Final Fantasy XV hasn’t been without its fair share of criticism, especially where its story structure is concerned. Director Hajime Tabata said last week that a series of free updates to the game aiming to rectify such issues are in the works, although no ETA was given.

With Gilgamesh set to make an appearance in Final Fantasy XV, we can only imagine Square Enix isn’t averse to bringing other well known characters back into the fold, so tell us, readers, what other Final Fantasy icons would you love to see on your travels around Eos?