Final Fantasy XV Is The Fastest-Selling In The Series To Date, 5 Million Copies Shipped


Final Fantasy XV is breaking records already, it seems. Earlier today, developer and publisher Square Enix announced in a Japanese press release that the eagerly anticipated RPG has shipped five million copies across the globe since launching on November 29 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Handily translated by Siliconera, the statement explains that Final Fantasy XV is the very first entry in the series to have been released globally on the same day, with the five million figure pertaining to the total amount of units sold through to retailers.

With that being the case, it’s not currently clear how many of that number have actually been sold to consumers, but nonetheless, Square Enix will clearly be satisfied with the title’s current performance, not least because, as of now, it’s the fastest-selling Final Fantasy game in the series ever. For a franchise that’s been running for almost three decades, that’s no mean feat, and as if you needed any more indication of its apparent success, the press release also confirms the RPG has set a new record for launch-day digital sales in Japan.

Having started life as Final Fantasy Versus XIII many, many years ago, numerous delays, changes and rewrites eventually led to Square Enix rebranding the title as Final Fantasy XV, announcing the new direction at 2013’s E3 exhibition. Thankfully, it appears as if Square Enix has managed to defy the odds and justified the extremely protracted development time with one of this year’s best releases.

Our own Jowi Meli gave Final Fantasy XV four and a half stars out of five in his review for We Got This Covered, stating that “Final Fantasy XV’s long, troubled development cycle is evident in some of its rougher elements, but ultimately, none of that really matters. Like many of its predecessors, this Final Fantasy’s best elements — great characters, fun combat and a beautiful soundtrack — make its goofier shortcomings blend in as part of the endearing charm.”

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