Final Fantasy XV Getting More PS4 Pro Support On February 21, Chapter 13 Changes Coming March 28


Square Enix has outlined various new features and content updates headed to Final Fantasy XV over the next few months, including additional support for PS4 Pro and improvements to the JRPG’s often lamented Chapter 13. Revealed as part of an Active Time Report livestream earlier today (via Gematsu), the hour-long info dump goes through a lot of new content, so let’s not waste any time in dissecting the lot of it.

First up are the aforementioned Ps4 Pro enhancements. Due to be available from February 21, all owners of the upgraded PlayStation 4 will enjoy the opportunity to experience the adventure in a smooth 60 frames per second, although Square is quick to mention that this won’t always be the case, and rather, will allow the game to reach 60 fps as a maximum target instead of run at that rate constantly. Interestingly, the level cap for Noctis and his companions will be raised to 120 in the same patch, with photo capacity also being increased to 200 from 150.

In case you’re tempted to start hoarding experience in anticipation of the new max level, Square says only experience gained following the patch will count towards the new cap.

Following that, March 28 will see the long-awaited changes to Chapter 13 finally come to fruition which, the stream reveals, will allow the player to assume control of Gladiolus as part of the enhancements. On a personal side note from someone who’s sunk almost one-hundred hours into Final Fantasy XV, I never took particular issue with the chapter in question. Yes, it dragged on for far too long, but the stealth approach forced on the player by stripping Noctis of his gear was a fresh change of pace that simply outstayed its welcome. How Gladiolus will fit into the current iteration of the chapter has my interest piqued, though, that’s for sure.

Besides that, the stream reiterates details revealed previously during Square’s 30th-anniversary celebrations for the franchise earlier this week. There are a few extra tidbits, such as a future update adding the ability to drive the Regalia in a free-drive mode, touched on in the stream, but they appear to be ways off as yet. Check out the full stream for yourselves below and let us know what you think in the comments section.