Final Fantasy XV’s Episode Gladio DLC Releases March 28; Booster Pack February 21


Square Enix has today provided release dates for two of Final Fantasy XV‘s upcoming DLCs, one of which looks set to turn Noctis and his friends into Power Rangers. Not literally, of course, but see the announcement on the game’s official Twitter below and tell us that doesn’t look like the crew isn’t about to pick a fight with Rita Repulsa.

The Booster Pack, which includes Magitek Exosuits for all four of the main characters, will be available to download on February 21 and will provide players with an “exhilarating experience in battles!” according to Square. Whether or not the new threads actually do grant unique abilities or if they’re just purely cosmetic remains to be seen.

Following that, March 28 will mark the release of the JRPG’s first story DLC, Episode Gladio on all platforms. As was teased by the game’s producer Haruyoshi Sawatari last year, Gladiolus’ own adventure will see him come up against iconic series character Gilgamesh, no doubt explaining how Noctis’ burly protector spontaneously obtained a new scar on his noggin during the course of the original story. Both pieces of additional content will be included in Final Fantasy XV‘s $25 season pass, so if you already secured yours, all you need to do is sit back and wait for release day.

Two more story episodes – one each for characters Ignis and Prompto – are also in the works for 2017, although Square Enix has yet to provide any further details on either of them. An add-on that throws online functionality and co-op features into the mix will follow those, but there’s no telling how long we’ll be waiting for that one. Don’t forget, either, that Final Fantasy XV is receiving its fair share of free content in the near future. Besides stating his intention to tidy up various portions of the game’s story, new bosses and other content are planned for players at no extra cost.

As I write these words, Final Fantasy XV‘s Moogle Chocobo Festival is currently underway, offering various activities for all players to enjoy until February 20. Check out the trailer for it below.

Source: GameSpot

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