Final Fantasy XV’s Moogle Chocobo Festival Kicks Off Next Week, January 23


By now, you’ve probably polished off all of the content Final Fantasy XV has to offer, but you might want to hold off on putting it back on the shelf to gather dust – next week marks the beginning of the Moogle Chocobo Festival, Square Enix has announced.

Previously outlined last year, the light-hearted update is the first major content drop for the JRPG following its launch last year, offering all kinds of activities for Noctis to enjoy as part of his visit to the Venice-inspired Altissia. Do note, however, that Season Pass holders will get a few additional extras over those without it, although it’s not entirely clear what content is available to who. Either way, you’ll want to download the free Holiday Pack from the Xbox or PlayStation stores ahead of the big day next week.

As per the trailer above, the festival converts the entirety of Altissia into one big fairground, offering special types of food and fish throughout its entirety, as well as a handful of minigames to get stuck into. Chocobo racing will be available in the city – which has been decked out in confetti, balloons and other colorful bric-a-brac – as well as a target practice game that judges your twitch skills based on how many you hit. You have until February 20 to exhaust everything the event has to offer, so don’t feel like you have to rush it.

While it’s a welcome piece of DLC, we can’t help but see the Chocobo Festival as a stop-gap, of sorts, until Square Enix is ready to start pumping out permanent additions to Final Fantasy XV‘s core gameplay. Three story-based chapters focused on each of Noctis’ companions are planned for release throughout 2017, with the first expected to be for Gladiolus, when the Prince’s protector is expected to come up against popular series villain Gilgamesh in his standalone story.

Expect Square Enix to reveal more of its DLC plans for Final Fantasy XV in the near future.