Final Fortnite Season 9 Patch Adds Legendary Tactical Shotgun And More


The celebrated occasion that every Fortnite fan looks forward to is nearly upon us once again.

Within a matter of days, Epic Games will show its hand in regards to what it has planned for Season 10 and the early signs of what to expect have already begun to emerge. As usual, data-miners have uncovered ahead of time that some sort of brawl is due to commence this weekend between a giant robotic bear and feline monster. No, really. The event is officially known as ‘The Final Showdown,’ though fans have taken to using ‘Cattus Doggus’ in its place. Cute.

It all sounds suitably wacky, of course, but lest we forget, Season 9 isn’t quite done and dusted just yet. Today marks what’s likely to be the final in-game update prior to Season 10 going live and brings with it a goodie bag of new toys, balance changes and bug fixes. Headlining the patch notes this time around is the addition of new rarities for the existing Tactical Shotgun, which you cn see below.

Epic and Legendary variants of the popular pump-action are now available for Battle Island regulars and both are sure to boast some incredible stopping power. The latest addition to Fortnite‘s armory can be found in the all usual places, so whether you’re scrounging through Floor Loot or shooting down Loot Carriers, it shouldn’t take long to obtain the boomstick.

As for remaining weapon changes, long-ranged assassins will surely be disappointed to hear of the Suppressed Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle being vaulted. No explanation for its removal is provided in the patch notes, though I can only imagine the decision was made to make room for its unsilenced counterpart.

A laundry list of additional bug fixes and the like round out the remaining notes, but we’ll let you peruse those for yourselves via the link below. All that remains now, before Fortnite Season 10’s arrival, is to frantically finish out any challenges before they’re removed for good. Need help? Look no further than this handy cheat sheet.

Source: Epic Games