Huge Fortnite Update Adds New LTM Rotation, Loot Hot Spots And More

Fortnite season 9

Epic Games has just airdropped one doozy of an update onto Battle Island.

Patch v9.10 is now live for all players of Fortnite, bringing with it a bevvy of new gameplay additions for both standard and creative playlists, as well as a returning batch of rotating Limited-Time Modes. There’s a lot to go over here, so let’s get to breaking each up into smaller, easier to digest chunks.

First up are Hot Spots. As a means of continuing Season 9’s overarching futuristic vibe, unmanned Loot Carrier drones have begun invading Battle Island’s airspace. As per the patch notes, their presence will be signaled by aforementioned Hot Spots being marked on the map via gold text. Simply take a hop and a skip (or use the new Slip Stream system) over to the designated location and start firing wildly into the clouds.

With any luck, you’ll manage to shoot down one or two (each Hot Spot has a maximum of 16) Carriers and be able to loot its cache of goods. Inside, you’ll find a weapon guaranteed to be of rare or higher quality, as well as two stacks of ammo. A minimum of one Hot Spot will be present in any given match, with two and three having a 25% and 5% chance to occur respectively.

Check out the gallery below for an idea of what you should be looking for:

In regards to the new LTM arrivals, Sniper Shootout Duos, Unvaulted Squads and Close Encounters Squads will all be available to play on a rotating schedule for the next week. Each will provide a much-needed pace change to the competitive nature of Standard, but the second in that list is the one to watch out for. Especially for newer players, who perhaps missed out on the chance to toy with various overpowered or problematic weapons that have since been vaulted.

That about wraps up the major talking points for Fortnite patch v9.10, though there’s one final addition to make note of. As revealed yesterday, a new sports-themed collaboration – Downtown Drop – is now available. See here for all the details.