Fortnite Dev Announces Michael Jordan NBA Collaboration


Since its humble beginnings back in 2017, Fortnite has somewhat established itself as a major player, not just in video games, but the entertainment industry as a whole. This year especially, Epic Games has secured several high profile collaborations with Hollywood, no doubt on the premise of such a crossover being mutually beneficial for both brands. Indeed, Marvel lending Thanos’ likeness to the battle royale in celebration of Avengers: Endgame‘s release was a repeat of the genius marketing used last year for the film’s predecessor.

The partnership went both ways this time, of course, what with Fortnite getting a brief moment of screentime in Marvel’s record-breaking blockbuster, but that’s far from the only pie Epic currently has its fingers in. Following an earlier leak outing its imminent arrival, Lionsgate’s action-thriller John Wick series was confirmed as next in line for similar treatment.

Limited-Time Mode Wick’s Bounty is currently live in-game and allows participants to live out the power fantasy of being a world-renowned assassin with a series of lucrative rewards to boot. Not least a brand new avatar skin featuring the titular character’s likeness.

Now, however, Epic has its sights set on infiltrating the sporting world. As confirmed via the latest update to Fortnite‘s in-game Message of the Day, the latest collaboration headed to Battle Island is all about basketball. That’s right – come the arrival of patch v9.10, the in-game item shop will be updated to mark the return of not just several past skins like Jumpshot and Triple Threat, but likely one depicting one of the all-time greats: Michael Jordan.

As for when you can expect the new cosmetics to go live, Fortnite‘s rigid patch schedule dictates that v9.10 will likely drop sometime tomorrow. Along with the above, there’s also a chance we could see the rumored item shop refund option go live as well, and you can see here for all the details.