Fortnite’s New Patch Finally Brings Us The Avengers: Endgame LTM


The time has finally arrived, fellow Fortnite fans – patch v8.50 has touched down, bringing with it a whole host of new content, not least the highly anticipated Avengers: Endgame collaboration. Epic Games once again commenced start-up of the hype machine earlier this week with a cheeky teaser depicting Captain America’s iconic shield, though it left fans with little to speculate over, other than confirmation of the Avengers’ involvement.

Several further hints depicting Thor’s hammer and Iron Man’s gauntlets have since trickled out online via Epic’s social media channels, essentially confirming that players would be wielding them in-game when the time comes. As for Thanos, the official patch notes confirm the evil tyrant’s return, as well as all the aforementioned goodies included in Fortnite‘s latest Limited-Time Mode, simply called Endgame.

But Thanos’ invasion of Battle Island with his Chitauri in tow isn’t the only big news to come out of Fortnite‘s latest patch. A raft of extensive weapon and item fixes are part of the package, too, including a welcome batch of quality of life changes that are sure to please veteran players in particular. Improvements to the shooter’s Hold to Swap feature, tweaks to Reboot Vans and a fix to incorrect Survival XP rewards are just some of the highlights, though I imagine many will be too busy fending off Marvel’s purple-skinned villain to notice, at least until the new smell wears off.

As for how long Epic intends for Endgame to stick around, the developer has yet to provide an end date, though, with exclusive cosmetic rewards tied to the event, it’s likely to be visiting Fortnite‘s shores for a while. With that said, Thanos’ previous visit to Fortnite was relatively short-lived, lasting for only a few weeks, though the tie-in this time around appears to be much more substantial.

Whatever the case, expect Epic to provide an official date in due time. Until then, you’re free to jump in-game and pick a side. Good luck!