Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Fortnite’s John Wick Event


In the realm of Fortnite, secrets don’t stay that way for long – especially when they concern the future. As Epic Games’ battle royale has continued to grow beyond any boundaries thought possible since 2017, so too, has its millions-strong fanbase, rabid for any and all information regarding upcoming content. We’ve seen it countless times before, with unreleased cosmetics, special events and progression systems all data mined ahead of time before the word has the chance to spread via official channels.

With that in mind, it goes without saying that you’ve likely seen the hearsay going around concerning a certain assassin-themed LTM. Short of committing to a self-imposed internet ban, there’s little chance you haven’t, but it matters not now, as the leaks, unsurprisingly, have turned out to be 100% accurate.

From today, Battle Island regulars logging in have access to new Limited-Time Mode Wick’s Bounty. As suspected, this latest crossover is all about recognizing the spectacular John Wick film series, complete with a brand new unlockable skin featuring Keanu Reeves’ likeness as the titular character. Check out the gallery below for everything up for grabs during the event.

In regards to how you’ll be earning that suave and sophisticated loot, doing so involves a method identical to that of Fortnite‘s recent Avengers: Endgame collaboration. A fresh list of challenges exclusive to Wick’s Bounty will be available for the event’s duration. Simply tick those off and you’ll be well on your way to scoring some sweet rewards.

For the rules and regulations of Wick’s Bounty itself, see below. Alternatively, if you’ve yet to get started on Fortnite Season 9’s Week 2 challenges, head this way.

Every player begins with several gold tokens. Eliminating an enemy player pays out all of the tokens the target was carrying. The first squad to reach the specified gold token count wins the match.

Mode Details

  • Limited respawning: Each player has three lives.
  • The more tokens a player is carrying, the more visible on the map they will be when moving or shooting.
  • The top 3 token leaders will have their location shown on the map & compass at all times.