Where To Find And Complete A Desert, Snowy And Grasslands Race Track In Fortnite Season 9


As has become routine for the majority of Fortnite‘s player base, there’s one specific activity that takes precedence, above all else, whenever a new patch rolls around.

As the primary method of obtaining Battle Stars, it goes without saying that perusing each weekly list of challenges will be many a Battle Island regular’s first port of call. This week is no different, of course, though there’s one particular task available in Week 5 that’s bound to trip veterans and newcomers up alike.

Available to Battle Pass owners only, the staged challenge requires that players visit three different race tracks around the map and complete a single lap of each. In regards to the vehicle required to complete each feat, Epic’s leaving the choice in your hands, though Season 8’s Baller appears to be the current favourite for its overall well-rounded (excuse the pun) attributes.

As for each track’s location, see below for directions:

First up is the desert race. With only one such biome present in-game, you’ll no doubt have already discerned that it’s somewhere in Paradise Palms. That being the case, make your way South East until the grass becomes sand and follow the border North until you reach the first. Assuming you made it around the entire course without interference, you’ll then need to make a beeline for Happy Hamlet. Head straight West and you’ll eventually reach the snow-touched track, though if you find yourself lost in the freezing cold conditions, feel free to consult Fortnite Insider’s map above.

Last but not least is the grasslands track. Unlike the previous two, the tarmac on this track is fresh as of Season 9’s latest patch and can be found in the North West corner of Battle Island, between Junk Junction and The Block. As the most remote of the three, my advice would be to focus on the desert and snowy tracks first and then head for the grasslands in a separate session. That’s assuming, of course, that you’ve managed to survive that long in the first place.

Good luck, and if you haven’t already, see here for tips on how to complete the remainder of Fortnite Season 9’s Week 5 challenges.