Fortnite Season 9 Week 5 Challenges Are Now Live


What’s your current Fortnite status? Have you been regularly logging in since Season 9 began, or has your attention been diverted elsewhere between updates? If you count yourself as belonging in the former camp, the mid-season challenges provided for the battle royale this week should require little more than a session or two of play. Lapsed players or newcomers, on the other hand, could find themselves grossly unprepared for the trials that await.

Okay, so that’s somewhat of an exaggeration, but the tasks exclusive to Battle Pass owners, in particular, are nothing to scoff at. Before we circle around to those, though, let’s first take a gander at the challenges available to all players beginning with Week 5.

Free Challenges

  • Deal damage with Grenades, Dynamite or Stink Bombs
  • Search chests at Salty Springs or Frosty Flights
  • Eliminate an opponent in different matches

As straightforward as it gets, right? For the first time in several weeks, Epic has decided to give players a break from the norm and leave out the typical staged challenge. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the Week 5 feats awaiting Battle Pass owners.

Battle Pass Challenges

  • Staged challenge: Complete a lap of a desert race track
  • Place trap items in different matches
  • Visit different Wind Turbines in a single match
  • Eliminations at Sky Platforms

Oh dear. You read right – this week’s multi-tiered challenge not only requires the use of a vehicle (which can get you easily killed at the best of times), but you’ll be required to complete three laps of different race tracks, starting with the one located at Paradise Palms. Our advice? Use the Baller. Of all the modes of transport currently available on Battle Island, the spherical one-seater introduced in Fortnite Season 8 provides the most defence against incoming fire.

Once you’ve ticked off this week’s staged challenge, the rest should fall like dominos. For those still wading through last week’s errands, see here for a handy cheat sheet.