Epic Reveals New Fortnite Vehicle The Baller, Coming This Week


If you’ll recall, shortly before Fortnite Season 8 kicked off, design lead Eric Williamson teased fans about the introduction of a new “single-occupancy” vehicle. Though Driftboards will remain part of the game’s inventory for a while longer, we were told that something else was in the works as well, but we weren’t given any indication of what it might be.

Well, now we know, as Epic has revealed The Baller, a cool new vehicle that’s said to be arriving in Fortnite this week. It’s thought that it’ll become available when the next update, v8.10, goes live, which is expected to happen on March 12th. That means we’ve only got a few days now until we get our hands on the game’s latest addition.

From the looks of it, the Baller will only carry one person at a time and has some kind of grappler on the front of it, likely to help you maneuver the vehicle. Previous leaks have also pointed to it including a charging/fueling mechanism, which means it won’t be able to be used for too long at once.

Chalk that up as speculation for now, but we’ll surely find out more this week. Until then, the game’s hotly-anticipated eighth season is now well underway and brings with it a pirate theme chock-full of hidden treasure and active volcanoes, along with a whole new set of Challenges for fans to undertake.

But the question remains, can Fortnite‘s eighth season kickstart those declining sale figures? Well, it definitely looks like people are digging what it’s brought us so far, but only time will tell whether it can fight off stiff competition from Apex Legends and hold onto its title as the #1 battle royale game on the market.