There May Be Another Vehicle In The Works For Fortnite Season 8


On the eve of Fortnite season 8, design lead Eric Williamson has teased the introduction of a new “single-occupancy” vehicle.

The Epic Games dev took part in a Reddit AMA recently, which brought forth a ton of new intel relating to Fortnite and its next big content drop. And so, with confirmation that Driftboards will remain part of the game’s inventory for the foreseeable future, Williamson hinted at the possibility of a brand new vehicle, which will either replace Driftboards outright eventually, or the two vehicles will co-exist.

Via Reddit:

We’re working on a new single-occupancy vehicle and aren’t quite sure how they’ll play together. The Driftboard’s reception has been really positive though, so we’re actively discussing how long it should stick around.

Tossing another single-occupancy vehicle into the mix will surely raise a number of balancing issues, so we wouldn’t be too surprised if Epic Games phased this mystery item into Fortnite over a number of weeks – or risk causing havoc in the Battle Royale arena.

As such, even if this all-new vehicle is in the works, there’s no guarantee that it’ll see the warm light of day – and if it does, it’ll likely be some time yet before Fortnite players can take it out for a spin. Closer to home, and the game’s hotly-anticipated season 8 is about to go live, and it’ll bring with it a pirate theme chock-full of hidden treasure and active volcanoes, all of which are on full display in the newly-unveiled skull and crossbones image.

But the question remains, can Fortnite‘s eighth season jump-start those declining sale figures? We’ll find out once Epic flips the switch tomorrow, February 28th.