Fourth Fortnite Season 8 Teaser Image Completes The Puzzle


The game is (almost) afoot, as a wise old man once said.

Tomorrow, Epic Games lights the fuse on Fortnite season 8 which, as expected, will carry a pirate theme. Don’t believe us? The fourth and final teaser image was released earlier this morning, and it effectively completes the fiery skull and crossbones image. Both pictures (the teaser and the full one) can be viewed in all their glory down below.

It marks a significant change of pace from the bitter winds of Polar Peak and Fortnite‘s seventh season, and leaves the door open for treasure, dungeons, dragons and all sorts of pirate-related goodness to trickle into the über-popular online shooter from tomorrow onwards.

Per Epic Games:

Explore the world. Challenge your fate. Unearth the secrets. Adventure awaits. Season 8 starts tomorrow!

If there’s to be a fiery volcano in Fortnite, it’ll likely emerge from beneath the Wailing Woods, after players discovered plumes of smoke rising from underground. Of course, Epic is yet to announce anything official, though we recently learned that the fan-favorite Driftboard will still be available even once version 8.00 goes live at some point tomorrow.

And it has all the makings of a crucial content dump for Fortnite as a whole. Not only is the game still reeling from a sluggish January – revenue across all platforms dipped 48 percent when compared to December 2018 – but this is the first time that Fortnite will be going toe-to-toe with Apex Legends, a frantic shooter from Respawn Entertainment that’s beginning to stake its claim for the pixelated throne.

Mind you, it’ll take something truly special to dislodge Fortnite once and for all, particularly after Epic reported a $3 billion profit surge in 2018, but it’d be foolish to write off Apex‘s chances of success.

Stay tuned for more Fortnite news as season 8 begins to find its feet.