How To Find And Fly UFOs In Fortnite Season 7

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Image via Epic Games

Fortnite fans who have already logged in since the arrival of Season 7 earlier this week have probably noticed something rather large dominating the skyline.

Following weeks of teasers alluding to an imminent extraterrestrial threat, aliens have commenced their invasion of the battle royale and have no intention of leaving peacefully. Apollo Island’s native population (that’s you) has responded by taking up arms against this new foe, though the aggressors continue to maintain aerial superiority. Fortunately, the UFOs being deployed in Earth’s atmosphere are far from impenetrable and can be commandeered with the right know-how.

Before infiltrating a Trespasser’s circular spacecraft and using it to traverse the map at superspeed, however, you’ll have to find and shoot one down with conventional weaponry.

The first and most important part of this process begins as soon as the Battle Bus is loaded up and ready to go. Right when a match starts, open your map and look for any points of interest with a glowing purple font. Upon getting boots on the ground at any of these locations, you should be able to spot a trio of UFOs flying overhead. The task now is to deal damage to one of the three in order to force an emergency landing. The best and most effective means of doing this is to equip a rifle-class firearm and keep shooting. Expend enough ammo and the ship will eventually descend for you to hop in. Mission accomplished!

Your new ride comes equipped with various weapons and some tough armor to boot, though it’s worth noting that other players with expert aim are capable of bringing your joyride to a premature end, so beware.

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