Fire Emblem Nintendo Direct Presentation Coming Later Today


The dates and times for Nintendo’s next Direct presentation have been locked in, with Fire Emblem next up to receive a wealth of new information. Scheduled to kick off later today at 5 pm EST/2 pm PST, Nintendo says it’ll be sharing details for the latest entries in the popular tactical RPG games, a new entry of which was announced last week at Nintendo’s Switch presentation.

Don’t expect anything particularly traditional, however, as the series’ debut on the Switch is titled Fire Emblem Warriors, a spinoff akin to 2014’s Hyrule Warriors. The latter was a crossover collaboration between Koei Tecmo’s Dynasty Warriors games and Nintendo’s own fantasy adventure series, a partnership that will be replicated for Fire Emblem Warriors.

That’s what we know will be featured during the presentation, but Nintendo could well have a few surprises in store for those tuning in to watch the stream. Last year, the Big N outlined plans to bring both Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing to mobile and while both were seemingly delayed, this could be an opportune moment to reignite interest in the former.

Of course, there’s also the very real chance that both titles have been put on hold indefinitely, what with the unconvincing launch of Super Mario Run on iOS last year. While not a failure, the premium platformer has failed to convert impressive download figures into sales, raising questions over the viability of its pricing structure. With any luck, its upcoming release on Android devices will turn Mario’s mobile fortunes around.

Either way, we’ll see what’s what later today. Worst case scenario, we’ll be getting another game in the same vein as Hyrule Warriors, and that’s fine by us.