Super Mario Run Pre-Registration Now Open For Android Devices


While Pokémon Go may have dominated most of the discussion about mobile games this year, Nintendo’s Super Mario Run has been making waves as of late. While fans of Nintendo’s flagship mascot seem to be enjoying his first mobile outing (with over 40 million downloads within 4 days), the game has also been criticized. Gamers have criticized the $10 price tag (only the first three levels can be played for free), and the need for a constant internet connection to play has been met with some ire.

Having debuted at an Apple Event earlier this year, Super Mario Run is currently exclusive to iOS devices, though that’s about to change. As Tweeted by the official Nintendo of America Twitter account, Android device users can now pre-register for Super Mario Run (a similar notification system was available on iOS).

While it’s great to see the game making its way to more platforms, as of now, there are no system specifications or requirements listed for Android. On iOS for example, Super Mario Run requires iOS 8.0 or later, meaning it can run on devices from 2011 onwards. For Android, there are no hardware or software requirements as of yet, and with dozens upon dozens of Android devices on the market, it’s going to be interesting to see how Nintendo handles rolling out the game.

For those who are still enjoying the iOS version, be sure to check out the Friendly Run mode, which allows players to face off against their friends.